Our Solution

Ajuna Network's solution consists of four building blocks.

CONNECT: We remove barriers

By seamlessly integrating the world’s leading development engines — Unity and Unreal — with blockchain, we empower game developers to work in their natural environment. This gives them the opportunity to start building in minutes rather than months.

BUILD: We provide digital property and functionality

We equip game studios with a universal foundation for developing blockchain games by providing on-chain features in a toolbox manner. This enables developers to build responsive, fully decentralized games with complex logic. Ajuna delivers the benefits of blockchain, without the technical complexity.

LAUNCH: We involve stakeholders from day one

We enable game studios to leverage our growing ecosystem for fundraising. In addition, we offer an easy go-to-market strategy (support fundraising strategy, connect with fundraising network, design of token economics, use of Ajuna marketing channels, access to gaming community, etc.) and support the project through its entire life cycle (NFT incentivization, special editions, access to tournaments, community management, etc.), providing everything necessary to launch quickly and efficiently on our ecosystem cycle

GROW: With underlying future proof technology

Grow with Substrate's future-proof technology and Polkadot's shared security. Ajuna Network is a fully functional, trusted, and secure blockchain whose sole purpose is to provide essential needs and functionalities for gaming. As the network and ecosystems grow, so will Ajuna's interoperability on multiple levels: within its own ecosystem and all games running on Ajuna and across the Polkadot ecosystem. But also beyond, thanks to the many multichain interoperability initiatives currently underway with other Layer 1 protocols.

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