BAJU’s Role for Game Developers and Studios

  1. Deploy games on a Game Chain: For Web3 games to achieve widespread adoption, they have to be competitive with traditional games in terms of speed and performance. Bajun provides access to second-layer side chains called Game Chains that massively reduce gameplay latency compared to conventional blockchain titles. Developers who want to deploy a game on a Bajun Game Chain need to stake BAJU to secure a slot.

  2. Issue a native token: A Bajun Game Chain slot is also required in order to issue a native game token. Native game tokens are used to access and pay for all Bajun services related to a specific game. They also provide the game with a more distinctive identity and open up a wider array of options to the developer when establishing an in-game economy.

  3. Pay network fees: Some smaller indie developers may wish to deploy games on Bajun that are less demanding in terms of speed and processing power. For instance, turn-based strategy games tend to have lower requirements in terms of latency. In these cases, the developer may opt not to use a side chain layer and to pay for Bajun transaction fees directly with BAJU instead.

BAJU’s Role for Gamers

  1. Access Gaming Services: For gamers, BAJU will open the door to a wide array of gaming services including tournaments, in-game auctions, season passes, and NFTs. In addition, BAJU will be required to access the Trust Score System, which is used to track the trustworthiness of other players when playing online or forming teams.

  2. Back New Games: In the future, Bajun will establish an auction mechanism for allocating Game Chain slots. New up-and-coming developers will pitch their game concepts and ask the community for support to secure a Game Chain. Gamers will be able to stake BAJU to support their favorite projects and receive rewards from the developers in return, in a similar fashion to Kusama/Polkadot crowdloans.


All BAJU holders will be entitled to participate in governance* processes on the Bajun Network. This includes the right to elect the BAJU Treasury Council, vote on grant proposals, and vote on feature requests and upgrades for first-party games exclusive to the Bajun Network.

*Starts once governance module is deployed


All token holders who stake BAJU will be rewarded with more BAJU (only at the beginning, when there are no games running on the platform), game tokens, or NFTs from Bajun’s games. Staking rewards will be financed through a levy on network fees. Initially, these staking rewards will be further subsidized through a token reserve of up to 1% of BAJU tokens.

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