AJUN serves as a utility token across the all core functions of the Ajuna gaming platform:

  • Pay transaction fees generated by smaller games

  • Incentivize network nodes to compute game logic that operates across the entire Ajuna ecosystem

  • Allow game studios/devs to deploy new games on Ajuna Network by locking a certain amount of AJUN. Later, this will be handled through an auction, comparable to the Polkadot parachain auctions.

  • Pay all kinds of services offered on the Ajuna Network, including:

    • Token swaps

    • Fees to participate in tournaments & events

    • Trust Score System

    • In-game auctions

    • Premium & season passes

    • Store (NFTs and other extras


AJUN is also used for the governance of the Ajuna network. Holders of the AJUN token are granted voting rights. This allows token holders to vote on proposals regarding AJUN Treasury governance, which can include*:

  • Election of the members of the treasury council

  • Upgrades and proposals (on-chain governance)

  • Upgrades to the network and new decentralized gaming applications, hence empowering the community to be an active part in the development of the Ajuna Network

  • Ajuna feature and upgrade requests and in-house games

*Starts once governance module is deployed

Staking and Growth Locking

The AJUN token can be used for staking or for the support of new games launching on the Ajuna Network.

  • Token holders who stake AJUN are rewarded with AJUN tokens and GAME(s) tokens. These rewards are financed by levying a percentage of the player fees of the AJUN and GAME(s) tokens. In addition, stakers can also be rewarded with NFTs from Ajuna games.

  • Token holders can stake AJUN in support of certain gaming projects, thereby supporting their favorite new games to secure a Gaming Chain slot on Ajuna. This mechanism operates in a similar fashion to Polkadot parachain crowdloans.

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