Ajuna SDK is a .NET toolchain featuring .NET framework extensions and code generation utilities that allow for quickly building substrate storage services and clients.

​This toolchain ideally extends Ajuna.NetApi library, which provides raw access to substrate nodes.

This toolchain is under heavy development, and things may change quickly. Please use it with caution until there is a stable release available.

Technical Overview

Below is a high-level technical overview of the libraries and tools available in the Ajuna.SDK solution.



Implements the fundamental layer to access substrate node storage changes with a convenient API.


Implements standard classes to easily share types between services and clients.


Implements extensions to the service layer that allow for quickly building a RESTful service to access your substrate node storage.

Ajuna.DotNet, Ajuna.DotNet.Template

.NET developer toolchain to scaffold actual projects such as a RESTful service including all the storage classes, types, and consumer clients. The projects generated with the generator toolchain are intended to be used for scaffolding and starting a substrate node service quickly.

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